Back to school – and you should, too!

Back to school – and you should, too!

Today here in Bavaria, Germany, a new schoolyear begins. Public transport is suddenly empty again, except for those few minutes in the morning. And I can work on my balcony again, without being distracted by discussions about who stole which toy from whom and who’s gonna tell mommy…

Most of us are probably glad that school is a chapter of the past, me too. But a few weeks back, I registered for a usability basics online class (and some other classes since), and it was the best decision ever.

What? Basics? Aren’t you a bit to experienced for that?

Well, yes, I’ve studied Communication Design, I have trainings and certificates in Usability Engineering, I have 5 years of work experience…

6 weeks ago I quit my job, because I felt stuck. I still love the people at mantro and am glad about every minute of those 4 years I could spend there. But, especially after such a long time I felt the need to develop and to see new things, other methods, other workflows. And in that thought process I began to question my own workflows, too.

As a mentor within the network of Games/Bavaria I often get asked how to get started, what books to read, what trainings to do. I’ve envied those freshmen. They have a fresh mind, full of motivation, not packed with the frustration having to explain over and over again the difference between UI and UX… And one day I thought, yeah, I may know all those things already, but maybe I also need a fresh start? Something to clean up any possible misdirections and caved-in habits? It couldn’t hurt, couldn’t it?

And tell you what, it is great. Sure, I’m not learning anything new there, at least not on the basics one. But it is like a spring clean-up! Methods get dusted of, workflows are sparkly clean again. Old paths, that I’ve walked over and over again in the past 5 years, get renewed. And I surely recommend it!

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