Hello world!

Hello world!

UX is nothing new, there are UX professionals out there who have been working in that field for a long time. But for some time now more and more companies seem to discover UX as an important and “better not ignore” field. Which is awesome! The user experience design field is booming.
Despite that growing acknowledgement there are many misconceptions that need correcting and it can easily become sometimes frustrating.

I’ve started with an education in communication designs a few years ago. Over some detours in game and software development I’ve got some experiences in UI design. But because I’m much more interested in processes, reasons-why and research, I’ve left the visual work behind. A few months ago I’ve received my certificate for usability engineering and with that I’m basically no designer anymore 😉

I’m currently working for an epic Innovation Consulting Company in Munich/Germany. There I have the possibility to work with both different clients in different industries and our own startups, which gives me much input and work experience. I’m surely no Know-it-all in the UX field (even though some say I can sound like one sometimes…), but I’m eager to learn everything I can. And from that everyday madness of my UX consultants life I’d like to share some stories with you!

I hope you enjoy my stories! If you have any questions or want to drop me a note, write a comment or send me a message. I’d like to hear from you!

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